Lotus Grill – The smokeless charcoal BBQ

One of the fun products to be found in our Clearwater Toy Shop is LotusGrill, an innovative smokeless charcoal BBQ grill ideal for use at home, on-board your boat or for a bit of glamping! 

With it’s fan assisted heating the LotusGrill is ready to cook in 3-4 minutes.  The fan is powered by AA batteries, which means that neither gas nor electricity is required.  The fan can be adjusted, allowing you to control and adjust your cooking temperatures effortlessly. 

The LotusGrill can be picked up easily, even when lit, as the outer bowl will not get hot, making it an ideal BBQ for onboard your boat.  The ‘bellows’ airflow system means that because the charcoal burns very quickly, there is no smoke and the BBQ weighs just 4kg.   The LotusGrill is easy to dismantle and most parts can be cleaned in a dishwasher.

The LotusGrill comes in a range of colours and our Clearwater Toys package includes a LotusGrill carry bag, 1kg Lotus Grill Charcoal and 200ml Lighting Gel – Package Price 249€ (including IVA