Sell your boat with the help of a broker

If you don’t have much time or do not want to take hands on with the selling process of your boat, you can get in contact with a nautical broker that helps you close the deal with success.

• Nautical brokers act as intermediaries in the sell of boats in the most satisfactory way possible for all parties.

• The services from a nuatical broker can range from helping to choose the best price for the boat, to managing administrative procedure.

• Brokers speciallize in different type of boats, yachts, etc. so you have to find the one that best suits your needs.

What do nautical brokers do?

Nautical brokers are companies or professionals of the sector that are dedicated to the sale of boats that have a portfolio, protecting and promoting the interests of their customers. They act as intermediaries in the sale, agreeing with the boat owner a series of services and conditions that allow them to operate on their behalf, in order to help you sell the boat at the best price and within a reasonable period of time.

They are also responsible for conducting negotiations effectively, avoiding many of the obstacles that may arise during the sales process. Let’s see in detail what a broker can do to help you sell your boat effectively:

Help you define the right price for your boat: to ensure a good sale – and in most cases this means a quick sale – it is essential to define an appropriate sale price. The broker knows better than anyone else the market value of your boat as it has access to information that is not available to the general public. With the help of an intermediary, you can be sure that your boat will be competitively priced.

Advertise your ship in the most appropriate way: your broker will prepare a plan to announce your ship in the portals with greater visibility. The objective of the broker is to help you reach the most appropriate audience for your boat, which may also include sending the announcement by email to potential clients and other brokers and advertising at salons and nautical fairs.

Answer to inquiries from interested parties: if you want to save yourself everything that involves answering the questions of potential interested in your boat, the broker is a fundamental piece in this regard. Brokers know how to identify the curious ones that would only waste your time and usually answer better than anyone to a host of questions related to more technical aspects of ship operation.

Take charge of boat visits: another service that you can agree on and that will save you a lot of time is for the broker to take care of the boat visits. In this way, you will not have to invest your time to show the boat, especially if it is a bit far from your home.

Manage all aspects of the sale, including inspections, navigation tests and negotiation: it is very likely that the buyer asks for a navigation test, in addition to the technical inspection to fully know the status of the ship. In many cases, broker brokering in negotiations allows an agreement between seller and buyer that would be almost impossible to achieve without their intervention.

Take care of the transfer and presentation of taxes related to the sale: the brokers know better than anyone the essentials of their profession: property titles, safety rules that must comply with the different types of boat, sales contracts, obligations with the Ministry of finance and other documents necessary for the transfer of ownership of vessels.

Broker services and commission

If you decide to sell your boat with the help of a broker, you will be in the hands of an experienced professional who knows the market very well and will be able to convey confidence to potential buyers.

As a seller you will have the opportunity to choose which services you want to hire, for example, decide if you want the broker to show your boat or show it yourself. You can also decide if you prefer the agent to ensure that the boat is always clean and in a position to be shown. In some cases, for example if you have already decided on the next boat you want to buy, the broker may accept your boat as part of the payment for the new boat.

It is normal for the broker to ask you for the documentation that proves the ownership of the boat, the maintenance documents and everything that it deems necessary to ensure that everything is in order and that there can be no inconvenience or delays when closing the sale.

The services of a nautical broker are usually agreed based on a commission or a fixed price that depends on the characteristics of the boat and the specific services included. The commission and the payment terms are agreed before the start of the mediation work and the commission is paid once the sale is made.

How to choose a broker

Observe how they announce other boats in the specialized portals and, if you like how they present them, this is already a first aspect to take into account to make a decision. Send them an email with information about your boat and ask how they usually carry out the intermediation and what their commission would be. Do they answer your email quickly? If you choose to call, do they take a long time to call you back? These are also determining indicators of the professionalism of a nautical company.

If after this read you decide to take action and choose a broker to help you with the sell of your boat, we want to let you know you can choose us as your brokerage company. Check our website if you like, and contact us for any enquiry you may have.

Sell your boat with the help of a broker
Clearwater Marine is acting as broker for the vendor. Whilst we have used all reasonable endeavours to ensure the accuracy of the information contained within these particulars, correctness is not guaranteed and this document is intended as a guide only. It does NOT constitute a part of any contract. Clearwater Marine gives no guarantee, warranty or representation as to the state and condition of the vessel and a prospective buyer is strongly advised to seek an independent marine survey.