Sell your boat with the help of a broker

If you don’t have much time or would prefer not want to take a “hands on” approach to either buying or selling a boat, you can get in contact with a professional broker who can help you close your deal, worry-free and with success.

• Yacht brokers act as intermediaries in the sale of all-types of boats in the most satisfactory way possible for all parties.

• The services from a broker can range from simply helping you value and choose the best asking price for your boat to marketing and managing the full sale and administrative procedures.

What do yacht brokers do?

Yacht brokers are companies or individual professionals in the sector that are dedicated to the sale of boats. They act as intermediaries in the sale, in order to help you buy or sell a boat at the best possible price and within a reasonable period of time.

They are also responsible for conducting negotiations, agreeing a contract of sale, carrying out all necessary due diligence, conducting and arranging marine surveys and sea trials, collating all necessary paperwork and finally, completing the deal. Post-completion, your broker will assist in dealing with any registration processes. Their aim is to help you avoid the many obstacles that can arise during a sales process, to ensure all goes smoothly and to give you the best possible buying or selling experience. Let’s see in a little more detail what a broker can do to help you sell your boat effectively:

Help you choose the right price for your boat: to ensure a good sale – and in most cases this means a quick sale – it is essential to define an appropriate sale price. The broker knows better than anyone else the current market value of your boat and you can be sure that your boat will be competitively priced.

Advertise your craft in the most appropriate way: your broker will prepare a plan to market your boat in the best possible way both online and locally to where the boat is lying. At Clearwater Marine we use all the very best boat sale websites and run effective social media and email campaigns. We aim to help you reach the most appropriate audience for your boat, providing the best possible opportunity to find serious buyers. Once the enquiries come in, we can save you significant time in answering questions and providing information and can best qualify potential buyers effectively.

Take charge of boat viewings: as part of the brokerage service, your broker will take care of all viewings. In this way, you not only do not have to invest your time to show the boat, especially if she is not lying close to home, and the broker is on-hand to answer all questions and queries a buyer may have.

Manage all aspects of the sale: your broker will always deal with the very important step of price negotiation but will also arrange for any sea trials, surveys and other tests required by a buyer. Negotiations can be tricky and a broker’s intervention here can be essential to a smooth sale.

Take care of all the administration relating to the sale: a professional broker knows better than anyone the essential documentation and processes required to ensure, for both seller and buyer, that clear title is passed from one to the other. They will also take care of all obligations relating to flag and registration, VAT and any other tax or regulatory obligations.

Broker services and commission

If you decide to sell your boat with the help of a broker, you will be in the hands of an experienced professional who knows the market very well and will be able to convey confidence to potential buyers.

Clearwater Marine offers a bespoke service and offer a fixed commission service entirely dependent upon on our introducing a completing buyer – if we do not find a buyer there are no fees to pay. Commission is agreed at the commencement of marketing your boat and no commission is paid until the sale completed.

We hope that you have found this article helpful and if you would like to choose us as your brokerage company then please contact us for any enquiry you may have.

Sell your boat with the help of a broker
Clearwater Marine is acting as broker for the vendor. Whilst we have used all reasonable endeavours to ensure the accuracy of the information contained within these particulars, correctness is not guaranteed and this document is intended as a guide only. It does NOT constitute a part of any contract. Clearwater Marine gives no guarantee, warranty or representation as to the state and condition of the vessel and a prospective buyer is strongly advised to seek an independent marine survey.