Agapi Boat Club Menorca is here!

agapi boat club

We are proud to announce the launch of the Agapi Boat Club in Menorca. The Club is a unique, world leading subscription service that provides access to a premium boating life in a way that has never before been possible. Subscription combines all of the best things about owning a boat with all of the best things about chartering.

The best part of all is that members can tailor a subscription plan to exactly suit individual lifestyle, needs and budget, with plans surprisingly flexible. Agapi Boat Club Menorca has an expanding fleet of our premium brands, including a Nimbus T9, a SACS 700 and a Saxdor 200 Sport, all equipped with the latest technology and set up for safe, easy and exhilarating boating.

Members can also use the Agapi fleets in Mallorca, Marbella and a fast growing number of Clubs worldwide, with everything connected online. The Club offers a fantastic ecosystem of boating services, accessories and training to match members’ needs.

At Agapi Menorca, we are designing a better, smarter and more sustainable boating life